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I would like to say hello to all you fellow hobbyists and to those just starting out. I hope you will enjoy my little side of the cichlid world via this site. I have made some profiles of fish that ive had throughout the years and wrote some articles on various topics to help others in this hobby in anyway I can. I have a site news page to where I will update as more information is added. I originally had this site as a way to sell and promote my fish. I have since re-done alot of the pages and have adapted it to basically a place to share my cichlid experiences with others on a more personal level.


About Me:

I started out in this hobby about 14 years ago. I started out just as many people do....10 gallon.... then 55 gallon.... then another tank...then another....eventually I ended up with about 23 tanks running with personal stock and also fry from importers that i decided to sell. I learned to ship fish with great success and service.

Again, just as many others, I started out buying tons of fish of all different families. Leaf fish, stone fish, Mollies, Gouramies, Barbs, Danios, Pictus Cats, Angel fish....etc the list goes on and on. Finally I found "my true calling" so to speak. African Cichlids. These are by far my favorites particularly from Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria as you will see by my profiles and photo album.

Anyways, my point is that I never researched what fish can be housed with what fish, didnt take into consideration the diets or housing needs, the adult size of them. Just a big ol' jumbo pot of fish in a single tank. But man, did it look cool. Little did i know that i was stressing some and not feeding the right foods to some others...etc. This is why i wanted to write articles from personal experience so that hopefully less mistakes will be made by those new to the hobby and their money isn't wasted. So please enjoy the site and i hope you like what you see. Its nothing fancy but i would like to think the information is ok.

I'm no expert, but if i dont know something, i make it a point to find out and learn new things. Thats one thing about this hobby, always something new to try. From Planted tanks, community tanks, saltwater tanks and species only tanks. So many options and so little time, I say.

A little more: 

I was also a moderator on a forum that, Im afraid, isnt up anymore. But, like I said, it was another great hobby experience for me and i got to know a lot more people and I loved being able to try and help those out in one way or another.

I am a member on many forums. (Tankfan/tires/tires_6792/sic_4_vics)

I look forward to getting this site set up rolling again and hopefully get a few regulars who came here before to check back.

I will also still be throwing up some quality fish for sale at times.  ***(You can read some reviews below and also on Aquabid as....you guessed it...Tankfan)*** You can contact me via the blog or in the links page as i have listed several forums i am a member on as well as my user name for that particular forum.  I will have an updated picture of all current breeding fathers on their respective profile page(s) when selling that particular species. NOTE: You may have to allow pop-ups as some links are set to pop up in new window.***

If you would like to contribute a profile or article for this site please feel free to contact me via the blog or on the various forums im a member at on the links page. I will give you full credit for it.

So throw this site in your bookmarks and just give a quick look now and then.....you may just find that fish you've been looking for a long time here someday!                         






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